Object Design - Interior Styling - Props for Cinema.




My interest lays in creating functional objects that people can enjoy in their everyday lives. I am interested in the concept of “everyday” and how we often view it as something mundane and unglamorous. As a designer I’d like to change that view by introducing beauty on a tangible level, with a focus on functional items in the home. The starting point for my designing is often connected to good food. When I then mentally picture a new shape, I often base the designing process on the objects final application-specifics, imagining its user purpose and the experience cooking will bring in its entirety. This mental picture enables me to give my design a purpose so I can move to the next steps of actualising and problem-solving.  With my prominent focus on tableware, my appreciation in “Nouvelle cuisine” is the artistic approach to gastronomy, how the presentation it its whole – the ingredients, the colors, the tastes and the plate, i.e. the frame inside which it is presented – can be seen as a form of art.

This entire philosophy is what drives my creative spark.

Whenever I have the chance I explore the boundaries of a material and stretch the frames of functionality. Sometimes I find passion in drawing forms purely improvised, playing with colors and shapes, stacking shapes haphazardly on top of each other –  only to see what function can be created from it. 

 I consider myself an Anthropologist that studies the past and present of daily objects, laid for us as symbols of our society. When we look at art and design or share culinary experiences, these shared experiences open up possibilities to mutual understanding between people beyond national borders and language barriers. I wish my own work to function as a bridge between cultures and its people. ”




Aalto University, Master of Art Industrial Design, (FI) 2015 

Lahden Ammattikorkeakoulu, Bachelor in Jewellery Design, (FI) 2010

Västra Nylands Folkhögskola, Fine Arts, (FI) 2004-2005

Töölö Gymnasium (FI) 2003



Artist Residency in Arenys de Mar, October, (ES) 2017

Owner of Studio Anna Kantanen (FI) (2016)

 The 10th International Ceramics Competition , Bronze Award, MINO (JP) 2014

Study Exchange at Universität der Künste Berlin  DE) (2011)

Internship at Galleria Norsu (FI) (2009)

Internship at PAF Silverform (FI) (2008)



Basics in Design - "From idea to prototype", Västra Nylands Folkhögskola 2015

Ceramics for Children, Topelius Lågstadie, 2011-2015

Substitute for Art printing techniques, Aquatint etching , carborundum, Västra Nylands Folkhögskola 2005