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Judges comment on Bronze awarded "UUNI"


" In the Ceramics Design Category, we saw many examples of monotone, inorganic pieces done in porcelain clay or half-porcelain clay materials. Among them, this was the one that was truly memorable for the way it vividly brought the feel and color of this raw material to life. In the terms of the classic characteristics of an earthenware pot, the shape features a sufficiently thick body, yet without any of the expected roughness. Refined outlines create simple boxed forms that enhance the appeal of the work. The lids of the pots double as trivets, making the design streamlined and compact in a way that shows the artist's commitment to functional beauty. The solid shapes and showcasing of natural colors strongly communicates the artist's idea and desire to shatter predictable earthenware pot stereotypes.

This design effectively and skillfully juxtaposes the classic features of ancient earthenware pot materials with modern sophistication and functionality. It makes us realize that there is still room for chance even among the various application-specific vessels that are part of our daily lives. "         

                          Judge of Ceramics Design Category: Masahiro Karasawa

10th International Ceramic Competition MINO, japan

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